The girl in the tire swing is swaying above North Avenue, sneakers pointing to a traffic light.

A block away, the Natty Boh guy and the Utz girl speed away on their wedding day, cans trailing behind their car.

And then there’s Cupid, aiming an arrow at the street. Above him float the words, “I loved more.”

The works of artist Reed Bmore look like line drawings come to life.

The 22-year-old shapes sculptures from metal wire, then hangs them on light poles and traffic light cables.

The works are witty and smart, Calder meets Banksy. They are easy to miss, and thrilling to find hanging high above the street. An online gallery of his work was viewed more than 120,000 times in the first five days after he posted it last week.

The artist, who graduated in May from the Maryland Institute College of Art, says he is just getting started.

“I want to fill up Station North to the point where, when you stop, you can’t help but see one of my works,” he says. “Then I want to work my way around Baltimore.”

His given name is Jon Struse, but friends call him J. As an artist, he is known as Reed Bmore, words he works into most of his sculptures.

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